Approach and Services


At Raum Industries, we utilize diverse design backgrounds and sophisticated creative problem solving skills to create brand-oriented spatial experiences that impact the visitor in a meaningful way. Our process involves rigorous historical and cultural research and seeks to embed your project within a broader landscape of design lineage. Design is first and foremost about creating meaning, and we strive to provide solutions, from concept through realization, that go far beyond traditional marketing and branding events. We create experiences that inspire. 



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Our diverse group of talent works directly with clients to develop a sincere understanding of their ambitions and desires. We take a collaborative approach to ensure a flexible and nimble process in meeting your creative needs.

We believe a truly great brand has a self-awareness and a deep appreciation of the culture in which it resides. Each brand is unique, and exists within a series of larger contexts. It is for this reason that we take a rigorous historical and research based approach to branding. 

Our ultimate goal in design is to create meaningful and memorable experiences that resonate with people and communicate the spirit of the brand. We create spaces that are conceptually anchored in a larger design lineage, and by doing so elevate both the brand and the experience.

Our passion for making and our extensive network of craftsmen and fabricators ensures an unique and meticulously executed design. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of creative solutions and innovative use of materials to create effective spatial experiences at a range of scales and budgets.

We are extremely detail oriented and great at taking on the tasks you don't want to do. We don't mind getting yelled at and, when necessary, doing the yelling on your behalf. Years of project management has thickened our hides and sharpened our sense of timely and professional delivery.